Make your roof look rustic with cedar shakes

I always dreamed of a rustic looking house. When the time came to install a new roof over my place, I took an opportunity and started looking for roofing companies Streamwood, which could present me with a satisfying solution. When I stumbled upon Nico Roofing, I knew that was it. They offered cedar shakes. Actually, my first contact with Nico roofers could become a subject for an anecdote. It took a while before Nico’s roofers explained to me the difference between shakes and shingles. I thought both terms referred to the same thing. I was really surprised when I saw how much they differ. Lucky me that I found such patient roofing contractors, who pointed out that wood shingles are sawn and wood shakes are made from split log. Well, I loved that rough, rustic look of the second option so the choice was pretty simple.

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Perfect contractors for all your roofing needs

When we discussed all of the necessary details of my roofing undertaking, guys promptly got to work. What I really appreciated was that they put protective tarps over shrubbery and lawn that surrounds my house. Well, it’s not some professionally designed landscape but I’m quite attached to it. I know that such practice should be customary but that’s not always the case. For that only I can honestly recommend Nico services to any of my garden loving friends who look for roofing companies in Streamwood. But it’s not everything. I loved as well speed and efficiency of my roofing contractors. They dealt with everything so quickly that I was barely able to observe the whole process. And last but not least – price. Cedar shakes aren’t the cheapest covering option but I found highly affordable. And my house looks great, no less. All in all, great service at a great price.

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