Bathroom remodeling in Chicago for discerning

There is an ongoing online debate on superiority of shower over bath and vice versa. And there is real life, which verifies every idea. I may wholeheartedly love long hot soaks but when my mum moved with us, I had to replace a tub with a shower stall due to her mobility problems. All nice and well but doing so I had to redesign whole bathroom as well. I asked around for a good company for bathroom remodeling in Chicago. A friend said that JDP was simply the best as they not only did a great job but also provided any material and fixture he wanted. I knew this friend for his extravagant ideas, so I didn’t hesitate any further. If these Chicago remodeling contractors were able to meet his expectations then mine would be a piece of cake. Well, my assumption was right through and through.

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Bathroom remodeling – comfort and great looks provided

I was sad, when I saw my lovely bathtub gone. But new shower stall that guys from JDP helped me to choose, cheered me up. It’s wonderful with its power shower and rain glass. These weren’t the only changes to my bathroom tough. Remodeling contractors removed all battered fixtures, replacing them with new sleek ones. But I was particularly impressed, when they were installing new tiles. I’m not speaking about the efficiency here (which was great by the way) but about the mosaic pattern, they laid on my floor. It required a lot of precision and patience but results are simply stunning. This design is quite tranquil with its marine colors but my remodeling crew made vivid glass backlash as well. My bathroom has never looked that good before. And when my mom said, I shouldn’t have spent so much money on it I showed her bills. When she learnt about the price, the look on her face was priceless. She didn’t believe I paid that little.

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