Chimney Cap in Aurora | Chimney Capping Experts

If you have a home with a chimney, it should have a cap if not already installed. Chimney covers provide protection for your chimney from weather and critters and are necessary for your chimney’s longevity. Chimneys and their caps can suffer damage from wind, rain, and snow build-up, and this can cause your chimney to fail internally and on the exterior. Chimney caps help prevent all of this, but they do need to be maintained. 


There are many pre-made chimney chase caps available on the retail market, but these do not always fit as well as they should. Our Experts Chimney Cap in Aurora have many years of experience behind them, manufacturing custom chimney capping. These are always a better choice than one off the shelf. Store-bought caps come in many shapes and sizes, but it is doubtful if these store-bought caps are actually doing the job. If your chimney cap is not a proper fit, it can cause drafting and allow smoke in your house.