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I don't like to be bothered with all that renovating and fixing. Fortunately, my wife is an expert in small and not so small repairs and upgrades. However, her being well versed in such tasks doesn't affect her common sense and she knows when to abdicate in favor of professional contractors. But that doesn't make the task of finding specialists easy. When we considered new fence installation, she spent plenty of time on the internet, searching for appropriate fence company from Mount Prospect. Well, I have to admit that she did found it. It was Continental Fence. I was impressed that technicians were able to keep up with my wife. She wanted to know all of the details and more about different materials, paints, mountings and who knew what else. One of the contactors confessed to me that for a moment he felt like taking his licensure exam again. And from my wife point of view, he passed ;).

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State of art fence installation in Mount Prospect

Just for their comprehensive explanations and patience my wife would give Continental Fence contactors five stars (if any stars were to be given) but that was only the beginning. When technicians arrived at my yard several days later, it became apparent that they not only knew the theory of their trade by heart but that they also were very well versed in fence installation itself. I liked speed with which they took apart our old fence and then assembled completely new one. Well, there were some stages in between of course but they aren't important for the story. It's enough to say that guys made lasting impression on my wife and me with their knowledge, efficiency and overall professionalism. We are happy to recommend their services to people looking for excellent fence company from Mount Prospect.

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