Avoiding Neighbor Disputes Over Fence Installation

Things You Should Be Doing

People don’t like surprises when it comes to property management, so share your plans with those who will be affected by your decision for a new fence. Before your fence installation precedes, a conversation with your neighbors can save you a fence dispute.

Make sure you resolve any property line issues to avoid major complications later on. It’s also a good idea to discuss your fence design with your neighbors. After all, they have to live with your choice too. If your new fence lowers property values, is unsafe, or doesn’t meet their fencing requirements due to a different set of priorities, you may need to rethink your fence choice.

Always show your best side. It is quite common to install a new fence with the best view of the product facing away from your yard. That gives the street and your neighbors a positive vantage point.

Keep your fence in good condition with regular maintenance and improvements. You are responsible for keeping it clean and maintaining both sides of the fence. If any portion of the fence becomes an issue, restore it or replace it.

Fence Installation

Things You Should Know

A fence doesn’t necessarily mean a wooden or metal barrier that is installed. It can also include trees or hedges along the property line.
If you have a specific reason to have an unusually high fence, whether it’s to obstruct a poor view or reduce noise levels, consult with an experienced fencing company for advice. You may also have to deal with special permits if the high fence is even allowed in your neighborhood.

Fence Installation