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My old garage was falling apart, it was old and wasn't worth fixing, so I decided to get rid of it and build a new one. I had no problems getting it removed, but when I tried to find a good garage builder, I didn't find anyone that I wanted to do the job. Then my friend said that their neighbor had just had a garage built and it was amazing. He gave me the details of Garage Builders Chicago, contacting them was the best decision I could have made. They were fantastic! They measured up and gave me a free estimate. Once I signed the paperwork they got straight to work, they were efficient not to mention skilled, the garage construction was finished in no time! These garage contractors certainly know their job.

These garage contractors have a widely spread reputation across Chicago for the excellent work that they do. They are extremely experienced. When I was trying to decide how I wanted my new garage to look, they gave me so much advice and ideas, not once did they try to influence my decision. From this point I knew that they were professional and trustworthy. The actual garage construction work was done efficiently and quickly, they made it look easy! When any garage contractors were on my premises, they were always polite and respectful. When the construction work was finished I was pleasantly surprised with the care the garage builders took to clean up and tidy the area. Usually when any construction work is done you find that everyone says what an awful experience it was, but in this case it was the complete opposite, a pleasant experience dealing with such an organized and reliable company. If you are thinking of building a new garage Garage Builders Chicago are the best garage contractors I know. Their work speaks for itself!