24-hour assistance with your cooling system

Several years ago, I invested in air conditioning in my office. While not lifesaving, it definitely improved my employees' comfort of work. At least until recently. It stopped cooling the room. I wanted someone to take care of the problem and soon. So I called the company, who usually e, which usually provides me with such services but no deal, sorry. Of course, they would be happy to help but on such a distant time that was completely unacceptable to me. As I said before, air conditioning didn't save my employees life but undoubtedly make the work comfortable during the hot weather. Therefore, I started searching for a company for air conditioning repair Elmhurst IL, who could quickly fix the whole thing. That company turned out to be 24 Heating & Cooling. When I saw information on their website that they offer 24-hour assistance, I took it with a pinch of salt..

professional air conditioning repair

Air conditioning repair in the blink of an eye

It turned out that my doubts regarding the availability of 24 Heating & Cooling employees were unsubstantiated. Soon after I made my call and explained the nature of the problem, they appeared at my doorstep. That was quite late, after my office' operating hours as I wanted to minimize disruptions as much as possible. After inspecting air conditioning unit, guys from 24 Heating & Cooling declared that the capacitors burnt out and needed replacement. They quickly completed repair and checked on the rest of cooling unit, in search of potential problems. And that was actually it. My air conditioning was in working order again. I really appreciate the 24 Heating & Cooling employees prompt arrival and quick repair. They deserve highest praises for their professionalism. I hope of course that I won't need air conditioning repair soon but if such a need arises, I definitely call for them.

24h employees during service